Gamers who live for the thrill of heart-pounding firefights understand that even a single millisecond can spell the difference between victory and defeat. With blazing fast response times and sky-high refresh rates, ViewSonic monitors are an essential tool in the discerning FPS enthusiast’s arsenal.

For visceral and responsive FPS gaming, our top recommendation is the ViewSonic XG01.


One Millisecond Response Time

In the ruthless war zones of competitive online multiplayer, precise marksmanship and fearless maneuvering are integral to survival and success. With the ViewSonic XG01’s lightning-fast 1ms response time, your split-second fight or flight reflexes are instantly reflected onscreen, enabling players to perform at the pinnacle of their ability. While not guaranteed to improve your kill to death ratio, professional gamers universally agree that a 1ms response time provides the ultimate edge.

144 Hertz Refresh Rate

Perhaps most crucial for first-person shooters than any other genre, short draw times during scrolling action are essential to achieve smooth gameplay free of unwanted motion blur. With a sky-high refresh rate of 144Hz, the ViewSonic XG01 ensures that every object in your field-of-view remains sharp and crisp during scenes of intense action and movement.

AMD FreeSync™ Technology

When you’re already forced to contend with vision-obscuring smoke grenades, flash bangs, explosions, and weather in-game, screen tearing, ghosting, and stuttering are the last things you should have to deal with. Developed by GPU juggernaut AMD, AMD FreeSync™ is a revolutionary adaptive sync technology that forces monitors like the ViewSonic XG01 to match the frame rate outputted by your graphics card, completely eliminating all visual discrepancies.

Black Stabilization for Ultimate Visibility

ViewSonic’s Black stabilization feature provides heightened visibility and detail by brightening dark scenes. Dominate the competition with enhanced visibility, even in the darkest scenes of a video game.