Tremendously popular across the globe and the leading force behind the ever-expanding e-sports scene, MOBAs unite gamers of all backgrounds in the name of head-to-head competition. Give yourself (and your team) a competitive edge with ViewSonic’s professional-grade gaming monitors. Rapid response times provide the immediacy needed to emerge victorious in high-intensity skirmishes and black stabilization technology means no enemy combatants go unseen.

Lead your team to victory and the Diamond League with our top recommendation for MOBA fanatics, the ViewSonic XG01.


Full HD Resolution

The world’s favorite MOBAs contain rosters of over fifty playable heroes for fans to unlock the strategic potentials of, each the result of meticulous character design and animation. With its breathtakingly sharp Full HD resolution, the ViewSonic XG01 enables gamers to appreciate new visual details in their favorite champions and in the arenas they do battle in.

One Millisecond Response Time

As any professional MOBA player will attest to, an ultra-fast response time is absolutely essential at high levels of competition. If you aspire to reach the Diamond League and beyond of your favorite MOBA, the one millisecond response time of the ViewSonic XG01 can provide the support you need. Making the connection between your inputs and in-game actions virtually instantaneous, you’ll find your ability to dodge mobs, turrets, and enemy champion attacks tremendously improved even before your first level up.

High Refresh Rate

Whether you’re piloting your favorite ranged character and deftly kiting an enemy or you’re practicing your ability to deliver that crucial last hit, every frame of gameplay helps your brain determine the optimal moment to strike. With a 144Hz refresh rate, the ViewSonic XG01 lets you view your opponents’ movements as an ultra smooth progression, enabling you to anticipate and capitalize on their strafing patterns.

AMD FreeSync™ Compatibility

During intense skirmishes where every player on both teams collide, screen tearing, ghosting, and lag can reverse a potential multi-kill opportunity into a crushing defeat. Featuring AMD FreeSync™ variable refresh rate technology, the ViewSonic XG01 ensures visual aberrations never impede your quest to the Diamond League and beyond.

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