Feel the magic in your veins and the awe-inspiring wonders of fantastical worlds like never before with the unrivaled immersion provided by ViewSonic monitors. The breathtaking fidelity of QHD and UHD resolutions introduce a new dimension of captivating detail, greatly amplifying the role-playing experience.

For legendarily immersive RPG gameplay, equip yourself with the ViewSonic XG03.


Quad HD Resolution

From ancient realms ruled by swords and sorcery to hyper-advanced space colonies in galaxies lightyears away, RPGs transport us to worlds of infinite imagination. With its Quad HD resolution, the ViewSonic XG2703 enables gamers to appreciate the wonders residing in those fantastical settings with breathtaking detail and clarity. Featuring four times as many pixels as 720p HD displays, in-game quest givers will just have to wait as you rapturously explore every inch of the game world.

165/144 Hertz Refresh Rate

The human eye perceives reality at approximately 66 frames-per-second. When video reaches or surpasses that speed, it attains a new level of immersive realism. To convincingly transport you into the dragon scale boots of your RPG character, the ViewSonic XG03 has a refresh rate of 165/144Hz, resulting in the smoothest, most mesmerizing animation possible. And going beyond its immersive qualities, the XG03’s sky-high refresh rate results in fluid gameplay.

IPS-Type Panel

From your avatar’s hair, eye, and warpaint color to the shade of their end-game armor, one of the great appeals of RPGs is creating a fully-customized character that reflects your personal style. Powered by its marvelous IPS-type panel, the ViewSonic XG03 radiates your aesthetic choices and the beauty of the fantastical world your character inhabits with spot-on color saturation and an ultra-wide viewing angle.

AMD FreeSync™/NVIDIA G-SYNC™ Compatibility

From the meticulous graphical detail devoted to every sword and trinket to the stirring, fully orchestrated soundtrack, RPG developers spare no expense when trying to immerse you in their imaginative game worlds. Appreciate every minute detail of your favorite RPGs unmarred by screen tearing, ghosting, or lag with the ViewSonic XG03. With models featuring AMD FreeSync™ and NVIDIA G-SYNC™ variable refresh rate technology, the XG03 provides fully uninterrupted immersion.