A favorite pastime of gamers who enjoy complex and stimulating battles of strategy and cunning, success in real-time strategy games is predicated on shrewd decision-making and calculated instinct. ViewSonic monitors empower strategy fanatics with a comprehensive overview of the battlefield, an invaluable edge in intense competitions.

Expand your empire until there are no more worlds to conquer with our top recommendation for strategy games, the ViewSonic XG03.


Quad HD Resolution

Veterans of strategy games understand that, when commanding forces across multiple fronts, a comprehensive vantage of the entire battlefield provides an indispensable advantage. Courtesy of its incredible Quad HD resolution, the ViewSonic XG03 provides gamers with stunningly detailed graphics, from closeup inspections of humble foot soldiers to expansive overhead views of their vast empire. And beyond screenshot-worthy static shots, the XG03’s remarkable resolution means you can place the camera right in the middle of the action to appreciate every combat exchange in glorious detail.

IPS-Type Panel

To visually convey critical information during intense battles featuring large numbers of active units, developers of strategy games often use color to quickly and unobtrusively inform players. With its IPS-type panel, the ViewSonic XG03 enables strategy veterans to appreciate those color-coded signals with greater fidelity and clarity than ever before. And beyond colors, the XG03’s panel provides a wider optimal viewing angle, ideal for multi monitor setups.

High Refresh Rate

Featuring up to hundreds of units clashing against one another and constant scrolling across the map to view different areas of interest, real-time strategy titles benefit greatly from the ultra smooth gameplay provided by the ViewSonic XG03’s 165/144Hz refresh rate. Especially apparent during massive, climatic battles, the fluidity of animation enabled by the XG03 makes the battlefield come to life.

AMD FreeSync™/NVIDIA G-SYNC™ Compatibility

Strategy enthusiasts who have mastered the art of war understand that every tiny, seemingly insignificant detail is valuable combat intelligence. Ensure that nothing escapes your vigilant, tactical eye with the ViewSonic XG03. Equipped with either AMD FreeSync™ or NVIDIA G-SYNC™ variable refresh rate technology (depending on the model), the XG03 decimates screen tearing, ghosting, and stuttering to deliver flawless, uninterrupted visuals.