Simulation games enable us to experience some of the world’s most exciting activities from the comfort of our own homes. With QHD and 4K UHD resolutions to amplify them to levels of immersion and realism, simulation games are best played on ViewSonic gaming monitors.

Climb to new heights with the ViewSonic XG03.


IPS-Type Panel

Meticulously designed to recreate every possible detail of the targeted experience, simulation games strive for accuracy and realism above all else. With its IPS-type panel, the ViewSonic XG03 delivers hyper accurate colors free of distortion and color shift, bringing your virtual airliner or sports car even closer to its real world counterpart. And for simulation enthusiasts with customized setups, the XG03’s panel also provides a wider optimal viewing angle ideal for multi-monitor configurations.

AMD FreeSync™/NVIDIA G-SYNC™ Technology

Nothing dispels the limitless sensation of simulated flight or underwater exploration more than graphical disruptions. Thankfully, with the ViewSonic XG03, gamers can enjoy their simulated experiences uninterrupted by the likes of screen tearing, stuttering, and ghosting. Featuring either AMD FreeSync™ or NVIDIA G-SYNC™ technology to work with any GPU, both technologies synchronize the frame rate of your monitor and graphics card to ensure stable, disruption-free gameplay.

165/144 Hertz Refresh Rate

The human eye perceives reality at approximately 66 frames-per-second. When video reaches or surpasses that speed, it attains a new level of immersive realism. To convincingly transport you into the cockpit or driver’s seat, the ViewSonic XG03 has a refresh rate of 165/144Hz, resulting in the smoothest, most mesmerizing gameplay possible.

Quad HD Resolution

While the technical accuracy of their recreations is undeniably impressive, the powerful sensations we feel when soaring through the clouds or exploring oceanic depths are what truly compel us to play simulation games. With its Quad HD resolution, the ViewSonic XG03 amplifies those experiences, imbuing them with greater levels of realism and immersion. Featuring four times as many pixels as a 720p display, the XG03 will have you noticing new details in planes you’ve logged hundreds of flight hours in.